Tenant Sub-Metering

Today’s property management companies and developers are facing challenges of taking once single source building and turning it into multi-tenant. The challenge in these type of buildings is that power was built and designed to suit one user, which means the utility metering is based on a 1 tenant billing system from the local power company. The problem in today’s market is that companies are either downsizing or utilizing less space, this is causing companies to look for smaller spaces. Property managers now have the challenge of marketing or suiting their spaces so it is cost effective for them to lease. The solution to this is Pulse and Embedded Metering Systems as well as remote billing and monitoring. This allows the property manager to utilize all the existing panelboards and switchgear that is in place while allocating the proper utility bills to each tenant. Done correctly, it ensures every tenant gets properly billed for their usage. The owner or landlord is still billed from the local company, but the secondary monitoring system we put in place will allow automatic billing so that the tenant sees a monthly bill direct to them and based on their usage.

DEI Systems can provide a survey and design your existing system to meet your multi tenant power needs to ensure no kilowatt gets missed or billed inappropriately. These systems are designed so tenants pay for only what they use.  For an interesting interactive graphic about submetering, please see our friends at Quadlogic!