Client Details
Owner: Wamesit Lanes
Site Address: 434 Main Street Tewksbury, MA 01876
General Contractor: Apollo Solar Partners
System Size: 337KW (DC)
Number Of Modules: 1,334

Upon the completion of work for the new Wamesit Lanes, DEI Systems was asked to take on the complete construction of a 337KW (DC) Photovoltaic System. While working closely under Apollo Solar Partners, this project was able to be completed on time despite a tight schedule, and rapidly changing weather conditions. DEI Systems was responsible for all work including, assembling and interconnecting all 1,334 modules, mounting and wiring 9 inverters, and installing a new 450amp main panel on the exterior of the building. An early morning utility shutdown, was the last step in connecting  the alternative power source to this state of the art facility. Through hard work and dedication, DEI Systems has completed our first Solar Installation.



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