UL Listed Firm


 UL Listing of a Fire Alarm System – Purpose, Benefits, and Cost

In New England a number of cities require UL certification of building fire alarm systems. This trend is growing rapidly. First a company must become UL listed, after which that company can provide UL certificates for individual fire alarm systems. The cities requiring UL certificates for fire alarm systems are generally assured of the following:

At last count from the UL listed fire alarm company directory, there were less than 600 UL listed fire alarm companies in the United States. DEI SYSTEMS IS PROUD TO BE ONE OF THOSE FIRMS. Those of us that have met the requirements have established one more confirmation of our commitment to quality and safety in the fire alarm industry.

In the fire alarm industry, like most, you can find companies that range from great quality and service to downright awful. Underwriters Laboratories is known around the world as they review and approve products for their quality and safety. UL also has a method to review and approve fire alarm companies and the fire alarm systems they install. Underwriters Laboratory approvals for the fire alarm industry come in two ways. First a company must apply for and obtain UL listing for their company. After becoming listed, the company may issue certificates for specific fire alarm systems.